From Surviving to Thriving: Changing the Perception of Homelessness.
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See the faces, hear the voices and learn the stories of just some of those your contributions are helping this holiday season.

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Join our monthly giving program to invest in the future of homeless families, veterans, men and women in the Grand Valley.


Families make up 34% of the homeless in America.


HomewardBound projects ever-growing demand for temporary shelter of families and single men and women in need, and the North Avenue shelter...


Is not big enough to house all who seek help.


Has no area for private discussions with case managers.


Has no committed space to care for the ill.


Our solution?

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Pathways Family Shelter Features:

80 New Beds

The Pathways Family Shelter will provide an additional 80 new beds, doubling the current capacity for housing families (adults and children) and single women. It will also free up beds at the North Avenue facility for single men & veterans.

Children's Library & study / play areas

The dedicated study areas will ensure children have a quiet place to focus on their studies during the school year. Additionally, the play areas will give them a place to go to release some energy, freeing parents to focus on accessing support services.

Medical Day Shelter / Onsite Healthcare Staff

The new building will house a first-of-its-kind respite unit focused on decreasing the spread of common illnesses, and will potentially include space for substance abuse therapies. Onsite healthcare providers will provide additional care.

Centralized Administration & Support Programs

A centralized location for HomewardBound administrative staff and onsite partner organizations as well as adult quiet/study areas and private/confidential conference rooms for training, coaching, and completing job and public assistance applications.

A campaign has been launched to raise $1 million locally from individual, business and organizational supporters. Your donation and continued support will help us reach our goal.

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June 2018

The Pathways Family Shelter will provide a safe place for these families, access to assistance services, a first-of-its-kind respite unit to decrease the spread of common illnesses, and will potentially include space for substance abuse therapies. This model of providing opportunity through services is proven. A recent study on homelessness found that more than 80 percent of people who enter homeless shelters and receive one or two services, exit and do not return.

-Greg Moore, Executive Director / Read the full Op-Ed in the Daily Sentinel



Our Impact

HomewardBound is the only year-round homeless shelter within a 200-mile radius of Grand Junction that accommodates families, children, single men and women, people with disabilities and military veterans. In addition to providing short-term shelter, we also provide vocational training, medical day sheltertransitional resource coordination and more!



Shelter Nights Provided per year

A bed for each person. We house up to 120 individuals each night, with eight beds reserved specifically for veterans.


Meals Served per year

We provide hot dinners, evening snacks and breakfasts every day. We also prepare sack lunches for residents with day jobs.


homeless individuals assisted

Short-term shelter, meals, and support services are provided to more than a thousand homeless individuals each year.

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